My credit score dropped. Was it fraud?

It is always good to be vigilant and watch your credit score.  Sometimes you will see that it increased and more concerning that it dropped.  If you experience a drop of more than 20 points the first thing to do is figure out what happened and take care of what you find.

The best starting point is to pull your credit report from all three credit national credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). This is easy to do and free once a year.

Checking your credit report :

  • Check for errors - Misinformation is reported all the time.  Report errors to the credit bureau for research.
  • Contact any company on your report that you don’t recognize - Keep records of the calls, who you spoke to and the information they provide you.  Contact the police or the FTC if necessary.
  • Put a freeze on your credit reports at each credit bureau - When you freeze your credit report no one can open an account in your name.
  • Call your creditors and banks - Request new cards, reset pin numbers, and change your passwords online.  It is an inconvenience but it can stop and prevent further issues.

After you have analyzed your credit report it always good to review other factors that may have impacted your credit score.  To do this you can use a service to help provide you with pertinent information regarding what has hurt your score and how to repair it.